SEO is defined in Wikipedia as:


...the process of improving the visibility of a website or a webpage in search engines via the "natural: or un-paid search results.


An entire industry has been built around this concept.  Organizations charge hundreds of dollars promising top spot on Google, Yahoo, etc. Interestingly, people like you, fork out hundreds of dollars, convinced by the mirage of “back-linking” and “tags”.


Our approach is a little different.  There is definitely a science behind optimizing your site.  However, the technical side accounts for 20, maybe 30 percent of what is required to be relevant online.  We believe that there is an intricate formula that must be followed in order to attain sustainable, high ranking relevance online.


This means:

When you ask us to optimize your site, we develop a cohesive roadmap of the aforementioned to get you to your customer and keep you on their radar.


Almin Kassamali is the Chief Imagination Officer of StyleLabs Marketing Group. StyleLabs offers full service business and marketing solutions for entrepreneurs, musicians, athletes and small/medium business.