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Through experience we learn about skills, abilities, values, and what makes us happy. While running a market research company out of Calgary, Alberta from 2005 – 2010, and moderating hundreds of groups, I became obsessed with “triggers” and user-experience. What makes consumers decide on a particular brand or product? How do brands earn loyalty? How do you mitigate cognitive dissonance?

With due diligence, I have repeatedly come to the same conclusion. Everything starts and ends with the web. From acquisition to completion, a website is your “central hub” for attracting clients. A cohesive approach is attained through search-engine optimization, social-media, newsletters, content writing, for retaining clients through newsletters, content, loyalty programs and generating sales through the implementation of APPS.

We believe so strongly in this perspective that we have digitized the fundamentals of marketing, applying it to a web core called Samurai. Samurai is our content management system and online community platform. It facilitates sales and marketing through rich inbound tools, beautiful website design and a search engine algorithm/methodology. The technology has yielded consistent success, with unconventionally high ROI for a staggering 85% of our clients.

Market research also continues to be an integral part of our business. We agilely utilize techniques in our bulletin boards, focus groups and surveys, in order to validate our working theory on marketing success in a digital era.

If we say it’s going to work, it will. Let’s talk!

Almin Kassamali - Founder and President.


Founder, Director

Creative and business strategist, focus group moderator and usability expert. Works with our development, design and marketing team to architecture and deliver marketing campaigns.

Almin Kassamali is the Founder of StyleLabs Inc. Over the past 8 years, Almin has strategically developed and positioned Stylelabs into one of Canada's only full service digital marketing companies. 

"Our mandate is to provide clients with a 360 degree solution working with us. Our model is elastic. We don't discriminate by organization size or revenue and can offer solutions to anybody with passion for growth and sustainability. What differentiates StyleLabs from anyone else in the industry is the fully integrated research division that validates campaigns designed in-house or by our clients. Having a community that is "plugged in" gives our clients, strategists and designers a crystal ball to accurately predict consumer needs and campaign resonance."

As a qualitative researcher Almin has designed and moderated over 250 campaigns and 500 groups (online and in facility) for start-ups, advertising agencies and research sponsors like WestJet, SMART technologies, CBC, Pfizer and the South Asian Broadcasting Corporation. 

"I approach respondent engagement through a very different lens. My groups yield the same interaction, tone and authenticity you would see in a forum or social thread. By applying the rules of web/business 2.0 to a focus group or survey expect greater levels of actionable insight and applicability."

Almin has facilitated Focus Groups on National TV for CBC's The Big Decision, led research and strategy initiatives for two CRTC licensing applications and has received multiple nominations for Avenue Magazine's Top 40 under 40.


Managing Partner

Payables, receivables, contracts, joint ventures, acquisitions, investor relations and new ventures. Salina works with our project coordinators and team leads to ensure projects are quoted and delivered on time and on budget. Every time.

Salina has studied Kinesiology, Psychology and Business Administration and was the valedictorian of her graduating class. In her current role, Salina also works with StyleLabs' team in assembling and fielding focus groups, virtual round tables and online surveys for exploratory work and validation. Salina has successfully completed close to 300 campaigns in her career and has developed communities totaling close to 500,000 respondents. Salina was an active contributor in the design of StyleLabs' Connect technology and Pulse, a six figure national panel of qualitative respondents as well as the full build of two successful call centers (designed for focus group recruiting).

  • Finance
  • Strategic Management
  • Specialties:Community Development + Building
  • Focus Group Recruitment
  • Logistics and Facilitation
  • Copy Writing


Hear What Others Have To Say

Thank you to StyleLabs and Canada's Talent Search for such an amazing website!

Channa Serenity Bromley

On Focus Group Moderating/Qual. Consulting: Three things in particular impressed me and my team. Almin did his homework, he was flexible, and he provided peace of mind.

Nicole SmithVice PresidentIllumina Research Partners

Of special note is the Ninja program used in Samurai - It has been so effective that when someone types in a persons name that we have mentioned in one of the pages on the site on Google the DYNAMIS page comes up on the first page. This was a very welcome surprise!

Matthew ShewchukChief Operating OfficerDynamis

The campaign has brought a new level of professionalism to the brand communication and has created increased interaction with consumers.

Leanne KezinAccount DirectorPublicis Canada

You really know what you're talking about. The website design, content feedback and overall experience has been more than I ever expected. I'm inspired by your commitment to do a great job for your clients.

Charly KellyEnergy Life Science


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