Recently, I was at a client event where a colleague of ours introduced us to her new boyfriend, Richard.  He was about my age, very well put together, a great conversationalist and funny as hell.  Somebody asked him what he did for a living.  Proudly, he said he was a Barista.  I could sense a shift in attitude from many people right away and immediately he went from being the centre of attention to a fly on the wall.  Disappointing.

I was at Phil and Sebastian's with my friend Leanne Kezin today and started thinking about my new Barista friend.  Seeing my Americano being prepared was absolute poetry.  The gentleman behind the bar confidently mixed, poured and finished off with carefully crafted coffee art meticulously presented with respect and a smile.  

Everyone is a genius in their own way.  I've had a tough time understanding this, but I fully acknowledge that I could not have put together that american with such grace and flair.  What I've NEVER struggled to understand, is that regardless of a person's bank balance or where on the hierarchy people place their profession, EVERYONE DESERVES RESPECT.  

Being a Barista did not make Richard any less charming, intelligent or well put together.  How people reacted to him however made them ugly and unappealing.

Oh, and by the way, Richard is an Executive Vice President at a major coffee chain where we drink coffee on a regular basis.  This was his event.  ;) #JUSTSAYIN' #DONTJUDGE #WHATSTHEMATTERWITHYOUPEOPLE #MAKEYOUROWNDAMNCOFFEE

Almin Kassamali, StyleLabs Inc.
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