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Everything starts with DESIGNING A NEW WEBSITE. If you're thinking about building or upgrading your existing website, here's what you should know:

  1. Your Website is your hub. It is where all your content should originate and where all leads and conversions from your ads, social media, newsletters and marketing assets are captured. 
  2. Your Website is your 24/7 Storefront.  Correctly designed your website should be able to communicate your value proposition, your differentiators, track record and compelling reasons to work with you. It should marinate site visitors and negate 90% of dissonace.  By the time a prospects contacts your organization, the heavy lifting should be done. 
  3. Your Website is Your Most Powerful Sales Tool.  The most successful sales people leverage their website as an interactive pitch deck. While talking to your prospects, you should be able to open up your website, speak to products, services, processes and expectations. 

No Website Designer Required

Our Samurai CMS technology was designed for ease of use, scale and editing. This means that once we've built the site for you, you won't have to come back to us for content, image, accent colours or background changes. Leveraging our snippet technology, you can manage your own website, edit your own content, build service and landing pages and even sort, order, hide/unhide sections without the need for developer intervention. Simply log in, add content, drag and drop images and publish. The possibilities are endless!

Never Pay for SEO Again

Never pay for SEO again. Companies pay thousands and thousands of dollars for Search Engine Optimization (improving Google Search Rankings).  You've probably been solicited by companies over the phone and email that tell you that they can help you rank on the first page of Google. It's difficult, it's discouraging and the industry is not regulated, leaving small businesses disappointed and quite often, ripped off. We've invested years in developing a website technology that automates SEO.  Simply follow our guidance, create good content and the Samurai robot will do the rest. SEO can be automated. Click below to see some of our SEO case studies. 

What Website Maintenance?

Your website will NOT need maintenance. Google changes its algorithm 500-600 times each year. In order to maintain and improve your rankings, you need to be constantly updating your site. This can be tedious, incredibly expensive and it's not really scalable. We invented a concept called "crowdsourced maintenance". What this means is that when a change is made to one website, it is applied to every website on our network. For example:

  • When Google introduces a new change to its algorithm we apply appropriate changes to all sites network-wide.
  • When a user reports a break or error we apply a fix that gets deployed to all our sites.
  • When we introduce a new feature it is pushed to the network and it's accessible to all SamurAI software subscribers in our community.

We save clients over $500,000 in upgrades and maintenance each year with our SamurAI brain technology. With one small software subscription, maintenance is now a thing of the past.

Turn Key Google Friendly Copywriting

Depending on who you ask, Google has thousands of ranking factors. We believe there are 200 important ones, most of which are related to the quality of your website’s content. One of the critical and most time-consuming tasks in website design is the creation of optimizable content that positions your business as an authority to both your customers and the robots crawling and indexing your website. The key players in the creation of your content include:

  • You or your business/subject matter expert
  • Our data scientists, who determine the core keywords and semantics
  • Our expert copywriters, that puts it all together

We understand how difficult it is to produce content. This is why there is an in-house team that creates content for your site (regardless of size or price) to ensure that we maximize your probability of success.

Not Just a Website - A Complete Sales and Marketing Software Stack

Cancel everything. Your email marketing software (like Mailchimp or Constant Contact), your funnel and landing page software (you don’t gain google authority anyway), your proposal and productivity tools. SamurAI is so much more than a website. Your website includes, but is not limited to:

  • Website Design & Content Management
  • Email Marketing With Drips 
  • SMS and Email Communications 
  • Full CRM 
  • Google Review Management 
  • Loyalty Programs & Referral Tools 
  • Proposal Tools 
  • Applicant Tracking System & Career Section 
  • Lead Generation & Computer-assisted Scripting

… and so much more!

Our Web Design Process

We hear it every time. What are the next steps? Consumers want to understand what their buying and how the product/service will be delivered to them. Unfortunately, business relationships usually fail because there is a communication breakdown and expectations are not met. So why not set them in advance?

This module presents a visual depiction of the purchase, delivery and post-delivery process. However, the module is flexible. If an organization does not want to explain its process or it’s too complicated, the process module could be used to group together industries or service types or packages of services and direct users to secondary indexes.

We Get You, Because We Are You!

You don't hire a web designer to build a website. You don't even hire a marketer. What makes us different is that we are Entrepreneurs that specialize in marketing and technology. There's a certain amount of maturity and experience you need in order to build a functioning ecosystem. You need someone who's been there, who's failed, rebounded, and succeeded.  You need someone who understands where the blind spots are and how to mitigate them. Could StyleLabs be a good fit? Only one way to find out...

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