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Samurai 5-0 By StyleLabs presents Anshu Narayan, owner of The Expert Connect! Anshu has found her passion and switched careers from working in banks and finance to starting a wellness community filled with experts! She shared this advice:

  • Do what you a passionate about.
  • There is no right time to start a business.
  • If you see a problem you can solve in the market just do it.

The Expert Connect hosted 21 Days of Wellness Chats in December to help support and relieve the community during the lockdown and the holiday season.

“In today’s age, nobody waltzes into a random business - You want to get a taste of what you’re getting yourself into before you get there”
- Kareem Elkassem

Samurai 5-0 By StyleLabs presents Kareem Elkassen, Director Stylist and Co-owner of Dolce Salon! Kareem shared with us how standing behind the chair is his meditating time which shows how much passion he feels towards his career!
He shared this advice for start-up entrepreneurs: 

  • If you have an idea, believe in it, go for it, try it.
  • Don’t seek the approval of others who have not done what you want to do.
  • Stay focused.
  • Get an actual expert and ask for advice for what you don’t know.


Samurai 5-0 By StyleLabs presents Isaac Medina, owner of Body Engineer Consulting! Isaac found himself at a crossroads in life after personal hardship and getting laid off from the oil field as an engineer. He shared this advice on how he persevered:

  • Take time off to meditate.
  • Have a support team.
  • Figure out what is truly important to you in life.
  • Do the best with what you already have or know.
  • Follow what makes you passionate.

Isaac believes you can turn anything into a business if you have passion, knowledge, structure and you consistently work at it!

This week on Samurai 5-0, StyleLabs Director of Marketing Leanne Kezin presents Dr. Mukarram Ali Zaidi, owner of Signature Medical Centre! Dr. Zaidi shares how his clinic has adapted to the pandemic by:

  • Using their online platform to quickly pivot to offer telemedicine.
  • Splitting 50/50 between in-clinic care vs. telemedicine.
  • Finding innovative ways to maintain care for patients

Dr. Zaidi also shares how, in two years of using digital marketing strategies, he has grown his clinic from 15-20 patients to over 100 patients! 

In this episode, you can also find out Dr. Zaidi's insights and thoughts on the COVID-19 vaccine and Canada's FDA standards. He talks about how once most people are vaccinated we will be able to start socializing again safely.

This week on Samurai 5-0, StyleLabs Director of Marketing Leanne Kezin presents Dr. Saira Sabzaali,
Calgary business owner of Dragonfly Wellness Center! 
Dr. Sabzaali provides mental health support through counseling, workshops/course, and free educational content. In this episode, Dr. Sabzaali shares how she restrategized her business and found new ways to support patients when the pandemic hit by:

  • Moving her sessions to an online platform.
  • Offering clients check-in calls.
  • Creating community through content on Youtube.

In this episode, Dr. Sabzalli also shares advice on overcoming burnout while accepting adversity and imperfections.

This week on Samurai 5-0, StyleLabs Director of Marketing Leanne Kezin presents Philip Ndugga, owner of Ndugga Martial Arts & Personal Training. 

In this episode, Ndugga shares his entrepreneurial journey and when he finally knew he was in the right career when he saw:

  • How it makes people feel.
  • How he helps people gain confidence in themselves.
  • How he helps people achieve their goals.

In this episode, Ndugga also shares his advice for business owners and startups on risk-taking, going all in, and accepting failure.

This week on Samurai 5-0, StyleLabs Director of Marketing Leanne Kezin presents Alex Hughes, Alberta Country Music Artist!

As a powerful vocalist and passionate songwriter, Alex’s music saw: 

  • More than 45,000 streams on Spotify in 2020.
  • A feature on Spotify’s “New Music Nashville” editorial playlist.

Being in the music industry since childhood, Alex shares her story and learnings:

  • From experiences, you can figure out what you WANT and what you DON'T WANT.
  • Challenges can push you to learn new things.
  • Show support towards your community.
  • Put trust in your support system.

In this episode, Alex also shares how sometimes it can be hard to measure success and how she has learned to practice being kind to herself. 


This week on Samurai 5-0, StyleLabs Director of Marketing Leanne Kezin presents Calgary business owner Charly Kelly, owner of Lunch Love! Charly's mission is to empower children through food education and experience to become advocates for their own nourishment.  

As a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Certified Personal Trainer, Charly has been studying nutrition for over 20 years. Charly describes her own journey to gut health that led her to create Lunch Love, which helps kids find nutrition at a young age. Lunch Love delivers Super nutritious and fun lunches directly to schools and homes for school-age children.

In this episode, Charly shares her insight for other entrepreneurs on how to:

  • Be brave and follow your passion.
  • Persevere – if something gets in your way find a way around it.
  • Understand the reality of the situation.
  • Trust that it will be worth it.

This week on Samurai 5-0, StyleLabs Director of Marketing Leanne Kezin presents Calgary business owner Maeghen Cotteril, owner of 5 Elements Martial Arts. When the pandemic hit, Maeghen pivoted her business by making it accessible online and growing her visibility by:

  • Offering private lessons via zoom.
  • Starting a Youtube channel - Find Your Element.
  • Taking the time to improve the studio space.
  • Maeghen also shares that the KEY to her success over the years has been the ability to adapt and NOT giving up when times get hard. 

In this episode, Maeghen also shares the insights that have helped her grow her business on how to set realistic goals, feel your feelings, how to handle devastation and grow from it, partner with the right people, and the importance of building your digital footprint. 

This week on Samurai 5-0, StyleLabs Director of Marketing Leanne Kezin presents Jonathan Siadat, Retail Ambassador at Shopify. Jonathan shares how 2020 has accelerated the e-commerce business and landscape. He shares the following advice to help business owners have a successful 2021: 

  • If you're not online GET online.
  • Understand that the processes and tools for e-commerce are easier than you think.
  • Sell on multiple channels – in-store, online, and on social media.
  • Cater to what your customers want.
  • Ensure you provide the SAME brand and customer experience on all platforms online and in-person in your business.

Jonathan also shares that having a digital footprint on multiple platforms gives you the opportunity to interact with your customers outside of your brick and mortar limitation, and how most people today start their purchasing journey online.

This week on Samurai 5-0, StyleLabs Director of Marketing Leanne Kezin presents Kathy Yuen, owner of the award-winning Phase One Design! Kathy shares how she quit her dream job to start her own company. In this episode, she shares her advice for other fellow entrepreneurs on the importance of:

  • Understanding your entire business, not just the parts you know.
  • Finding EXPERTS to surround yourself with because you don't know everything.
  • Planning is excellent, but without execution, there is nothing.
  • Learning from your mistakes and you will become more efficient.
  • Your time is an INVESTMENT for your future, not a sacrifice.
  • Try and find an opportunity in any situation instead of getting stuck or giving up.

Kathy also shares what she believes has been the key to her success over the years and to improving and learning every, single day.

This week on Samurai 5-0, StyleLabs Director of Marketing Leanne Kezin presents Glenn Street, owner of Street Characters Inc.! Glenn shares how he has built a multi-million dollar mascot business by: 

  • Having Fun
  • Showcasing the Passion in Your Craft
  • Keeping Your Temporary Inspirations in Check
  • Focusing On an Idea and Staying the Course
  • Trusting the People Who Work For You

In this episode, Glenn also shares that having mentors early on in his career and joining an entrepreneur association has helped him grow his business and test out new ideas!!

This week on Samurai 5-0, StyleLabs Director of Marketing Leanne Kezin presents our very own Co-Managing Partner and President, Almin Kassamali here at StyleLabs Inc.

This week on Samurai 5-0, StyleLabs Director of Marketing Leanne Kezin presents Shane Wenzel, President of Shane Homes. Shane shares how he continues to craft his family's legacy of generational entrepreneurship and keep his family's business thriving with zero layoffs during the shutdown.

Having worked from the ground up since the age of 14, Shane shares his one-two punch on how to succeed in business and how to:

  • Have a sound ear and dive deep into market research to truly understand the needs and wants of your customers.
  • Incorporate these findings into your offerings.
  • Know your customers then, give them what they want.

In this episode, Shane adds how taking your business to the digital world is a necessity, and having the foresight to map out and execute a consumer journey end to end online for your customers will help pandemic-proof your business.


This week on Samurai 5-0, StyleLabs Director of Marketing Leanne Kezin presents our team from the StyleLabs Inc. Red Deer office! In this episode, Tyler and Haley share the importance of your business's online presence and dive deep into:

  • Google Ads
  • Social Media
  • Website Design
  • SEO
  • Reputation Management

This week on Samurai 5-0, StyleLabs Director of Marketing Leanne Kezin presents Jonathan Popowich. Founder of Popowich & Company (Re/Max iRealty Innovations)!

Jonathan shares with us the game-changing importance of elements such as:

  • Getting Google Reviews
  • Creating an Online Footprint
  • Working on Marketing
  • Giving Back to the Community

In this episode, Jonathan also highlights the importance of strong relationships and mentors along your entrepreneurial journey to achieving your goals.

This week on Samurai 5-0, StyleLabs Director of Marketing Leanne Kezin presents New York Times Bestselling Author, Douglas Century.

Douglas shares his experience becoming an accomplished working writer and what motivates him:

  • Selling a Dream
  • Find Passion In the Project
  • Fall In Love With The Material
  • Having Faith

In this episode, Douglas also shares one key piece of advice for every entrepreneur out there. 

This week on Samurai 5-0, StyleLabs Director of Sales Vanessa Asmus presents our long-time friend and client Mike Legault, Vice President of Operations at Matrix Labour Leasing.

In this episode, Mike shares exciting news about their new partnership with the GITGA'AT First Nation! Mike also talks about how Matrix is still helping people advance their careers every day by creating opportunities and long-term employments throughout the pandemic. 


This week on Samurai 5-0, StyleLabs Director of Marketing Leanne Kezin presents the determined Denise Higginson, Vice President of Business Development of Gallagher Benefit Services.

Denise talks about how she thinks the pandemic has created an opportunity for businesses to revisit:

  • Time Management
  • Production
  • How The Workplace Will Function
  • Company Culture

In this episode, Denise also shares her advice on how it is POSSIBLE to have it all and to love what you do.


This week on Samurai 5-0, StyleLabs Director of Marketing Leanne Kezin presents the incredible and hard-working DJ Rocswell, professional Dj, music producer, event promotor/planner, and entrepreneur. Rocswell has been a professional DJ for well over two decades, with a pretty great list of gigs:

  • Kokanee Snow Dream
  • CFL Grey Cup Finals Parties
  • NHL Heritage Classic

...just to name a few!

In this episode, DJ Rocswell shares how he had to completely restrategize his business because of COVID-19. He also gives two key points of advice for any young entrepreneur on how to be great and one tool that you can use for life. 

This week on Samurai 5-0, StyleLabs Director of Sales and Recruitment, Lisa Wolny, presents Dennis Plintz, Founder of Plintz Real Estate. A mentor, a friend, a fabulous person who understands the peaks and valleys of entrepreneurship first hand. Through real struggles, you can grow and foster success to galvanize progress and break the barriers of mediocrity. Have faith in yourself. Have confidence in your abilities and your craft, and share your greatness with the world!

Dennis shares his company's motto: BE and BECOME the Most:

  • Reliable
  • Responsible
  • Resourceful
  • Responsive
  • Caring

In this episode, Dennis also challenges you to think about what parts of your business matter most to your customer, and how to create systems that will help you make your business scalable. 

This week on Samurai 5-0, StyleLabs Director of Sales and Recruitment, Lisa Wolny, presents StyleLabs Interns Morgan Semple, Sydney Wolny, and Haley Genovese.

It was our absolute privilege to spend some time with these 3 incredible young adults and show them the real-life ropes when it comes to marketing, Google Ads, social media, design, writing, and the importance of soft skills including how to present subject matter with confidence, how to lead without a title and work cohesively with your teammates.

The interns shared why they would recommend the InternNET experience to others: 

  • Fast-tracked Actionable Program Applicable to Any Career
  • Plenty of Personal/Professional Development
  • Leave With a Fully Stacked Toolkit of Digital Marketing and Life Skills

At StyleLabs, mentorship and education are very important to us, we want to be able to help EVERYONE from our InternNET interns to our clients achieve success! We are in this together!

This week on Samurai 5-0, StyleLabs Director of Marketing Leanne Kezin, presents McRally LLP Chartered Accountants founding Partner Quan Ly who gives his advice on how businesses starting out should manage their money. He also chats about how business partnerships and foundation is key to success. 

During our conversation, we talk about our exciting new partnership with McRally. We love that McRally has wrapped advisory around their core business similar to how we wrap strategy around web design and technology.

Also, we unpack the idea of looking inwards to grow your business outwards with these key points: 

  • Clarity: What's your vision/strategy?
  • Alignment: What are your business resources?
  • Performance: What were the results?

FUN FACT: Quan Ly also owns Evil Corporation Brewing 

Part 1: This week on Samurai 5-0, StyleLabs Director of Marketing Leanne Kezin, presents Ernie Tsu, Owner of Trolley 5 Brewpub.

Ernie shares his decision to shut down during COVID-19, supporting local business and the formation of the Alberta Hospitality Association.

We loved having Ernie come and shed light on the difficult decisions he and his team made during the COVID-19 crisis, and how that has helped his business survive!

Part 2: This week on Samurai 5-0, StyleLabs Director of Marketing Leanne Kezin, presents Ernie Tsu, Owner of Trolley 5 Brewpub.

During this interview, Leanne Kezin will be unlocking all of Ernie's Business Secrets on:

  • The importance of customer experience.
  • How trolley 5 brewpub adapted during covid-19.
  • Being part of the local community.
  • Brewing kindness charity initiatives.


This week on Samurai 5-0, StyleLabs Director of Marketing Leanne Kezin, presents Mel Star- The Foreclosurer King! In this episode, Mel Star talks about the changing real estate market during COVID-19. 

In this interview, Mel talks about goal setting, learning, having people you can trust, and acquiring hard skills such as :

  • Leveraging your money
  • Get the right advice
  • Build your digital presence

He talks about the importance of digital marketing and the challenge to find the right fit until he found Stylelabs. As a real estate business, digital marketing helped him rank higher for SEO, increase in growth and sales, and build impressive website design among other benefits. 


This week on Samurai 5-0, StyleLabs Director of Marketing Leanne Kezin, presents Dr. Alisha Adatia, Owner and Optometrist at Blink Eyewear. Dr. Adatia talks to us about building a successful business before COVID and throughout the pandemic.

She talks to us about the keys to her success including risk-taking, making a statement, and anticipating growth and markets for your business. 

This week on Samurai 5-0, StyleLabs Director of Marketing Leanne Kezin, presents Lisa Wolny, The Director of Sales and Recruitment here at Stylelabs. 

This week's Interview with Lisa Wolny is centered around resilience and perseverance for Business Owners as well as her new published book! Lisa is a global expert on how to earn money from home, a leader, mother of four and married for 26 years, author, transformational speaker, and a relentless go-getter!

This week on Samurai 5-0, StyleLabs Director of Marketing Leanne Kezin, presents World Champion Paul Anthony.

 Paul shares with us 5 easy things entrepreneurs can do today to improve their health.

In this episode, Paul also delves into the importance of digital marketing for every entrepreneurial business and how it helped his business take off. He explains, "if you want to make more dollars vs. sets, then to me it makes sense to choose Stylelabs."

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