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Samurai 50 - Faiz Khaku

Samurai 5-0 by StyleLabs Presents Faiz Khaku, owner of (Powered by Axiom Mortgage Solutions)! Faiz is a Solutions Based Mortgage Broker with nearly 20 years of financial lending experience. Committing to being a Solutions Based Mortgage Broker means that Faiz regularly helps people with:

  • Calculating their income streams and recurring expenses
  • Understanding the central reasons WHY someone needs a mortgage solution
  • Forecasting how significant life events, like changes in marital status or employment, may alter the financial position

Samurai 50 - Denise Haughey

Samurai 5-0 by StyleLabs presents Denise Haughey, owner of Defying Age! Defying Age is building a community for distributing naturally based wellness products that are made locally in Canada. Denise has experience overcoming her own health issues and attributes so much of her recovery to a dedication to natural and organic products. She knows firsthand how important it is to research the uses of natural ingredients that go into skincare and wellness products!

Today, Denise shared really valuable insights with us including:

  • Find and join a community that will support you.
  • Shop local and use natural ingredients as much as possible.
  • Ideas are just dreams until you take action to turn them into a goal.
  • Using products with natural ingredients makes your body feel healthy and happy.

Samurai 50 - Lucinda Watkins

Samurai 5-0 By StyleLabs presents Lucinda Watkins, owner of Coaching with Lucinda! Six years ago Lucinda made the decision to follow her passion and become a Health and Wellness Coach helping people with their weight loss journeys.

Over the past year and a bit, Lucinda shared how challenging it has been in the health and wellness industry, to say the least, but she has pushed herself to create a PANDEMIC PROOF job by adding new services and offering and letting go of areas that came with uncertainty. She also shared this advice:

  • Don't keep your passion or talent inside - share it with the world.
  • Do what you LOVE every day.
  • Find a need in the market.
  • Diversify your skill set.

Samurai 50 - Stephanie Gagné & Kelsi McGraw

Samurai 5-0 By StyleLabs presents Kelsi McCraw and Stephanie Gagne co-authors of their new fiction novel, The Omne!
In this interview, Kelsi and Stephanie spilled the tea on

  • Self-publishing and retaining creative independence
  • Collaboration and co-authoring a novel - Soon to be a trilogy
  • Establishing boundaries and creating accountability
  • Staying motivated and dedicated for nearly 4 years

Collaborating online from Texas to Alberta, Kelsi and Stephanie's relationship has been founded incorporating digital tools such as an online networking platform where their partnership began, daily video chats, spreadsheets, and check-ins, and navigating the process of self-publishing and obtaining copyrights.

As the saying goes, when you love what you do you'll never work a day in your life however, Stephanie advises, "You can't rely on motivation, and it can be tough to stay positive or do any project every day." She suggests blocking out at least 30 minutes a day and doing something project-related to keep momentum up.

Samurai 50 - Phil Unger

Samurai 5-0 By StyleLabs presents Phil Unger, President, CEO, and Founder of Cadeon Inc! Cadeon's mission is to provide their customers' innovation by using their information.

In this episode, Phil and Leanne unpack Cadeon's recent initiatives, as well as the importance of business data and utilizing an asset your business already has to help unlock endless potential. As Cadeon nears its 14th anniversary, Unger shares his entrepreneurial advice on the importance of:

  • Obtaining an education and skillset
  • Re-investing in your team
  • Maintaining entrepreneurial independence
  • Genuine and unfiltered advice

Unger talks about what it takes to be the 5% who make it as an entrepreneur, to be relentless, innovative, and resilient.

Samurai 50 - Kareem Elkassem

“In today’s age, nobody waltzes into a random business - You want to get a taste of what you’re getting yourself into before you get there”
- Kareem Elkassem

Samurai 5-0 By StyleLabs presents Kareem Elkassen, Director Stylist and Co-owner of Dolce Salon! Kareem shared with us how standing behind the chair is his meditating time which shows how much passion he feels towards his career!
He shared this advice for start-up entrepreneurs: 

  • If you have an idea, believe in it, go for it, try it.
  • Don’t seek the approval of others who have not done what you want to do.
  • Stay focused.
  • Get an actual expert and ask for advice for what you don’t know.


Samurai 50 - Anshu Narayan

Samurai 5-0 By StyleLabs presents Anshu Narayan, owner of The Expert Connect! Anshu has found her passion and switched careers from working in banks and finance to starting a wellness community filled with experts! She shared this advice:

  • Do what you a passionate about.
  • There is no right time to start a business.
  • If you see a problem you can solve in the market just do it.

The Expert Connect hosted 21 Days of Wellness Chats in December to help support and relieve the community during the lockdown and the holiday season.

Samurai 50 - Isaac Medina

Samurai 5-0 By StyleLabs presents Isaac Medina, owner of Body Engineer Consulting! Isaac found himself at a crossroads in life after personal hardship and getting laid off from the oil field as an engineer. He shared this advice on how he persevered:

  • Take time off to meditate.
  • Have a support team.
  • Figure out what is truly important to you in life.
  • Do the best with what you already have or know.
  • Follow what makes you passionate.

Isaac believes you can turn anything into a business if you have passion, knowledge, structure and you consistently work at it!

Samurai 50 - Dr. Zaidi

This week on Samurai 5-0, StyleLabs Director of Marketing Leanne Kezin presents Dr. Mukarram Ali Zaidi, owner of Signature Medical Centre! Dr. Zaidi shares how his clinic has adapted to the pandemic by:

  • Using their online platform to quickly pivot to offer telemedicine.
  • Splitting 50/50 between in-clinic care vs. telemedicine.
  • Finding innovative ways to maintain care for patients

Dr. Zaidi also shares how, in two years of using digital marketing strategies, he has grown his clinic from 15-20 patients to over 100 patients! 

In this episode, you can also find out Dr. Zaidi's insights and thoughts on the COVID-19 vaccine and Canada's FDA standards. He talks about how once most people are vaccinated we will be able to start socializing again safely.

Samurai 50 - Dr. Saira Sabzaali

This week on Samurai 5-0, StyleLabs Director of Marketing Leanne Kezin presents Dr. Saira Sabzaali,
Calgary business owner of Dragonfly Wellness Center! 
Dr. Sabzaali provides mental health support through counseling, workshops/course, and free educational content. In this episode, Dr. Sabzaali shares how she restrategized her business and found new ways to support patients when the pandemic hit by:

  • Moving her sessions to an online platform.
  • Offering clients check-in calls.
  • Creating community through content on Youtube.

In this episode, Dr. Sabzalli also shares advice on overcoming burnout while accepting adversity and imperfections.


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