The written word is everything. Specifically related to business communications, messaging, sales and SEO. 

Strategically Written Content Will

  1. Communicate your offering, value and differentiation
  2. Demonstrate subject matter authority to Google for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION and your Customer for vendor confidence
  3. Contribute to the assessment of site relevancy through frequent updates
  4. Serve as a conduit between your brand’s social media assets, collateral and your website

We have a very specific blog writing technique that we have developed through research, development and nearly a decade of experience which has resulted in HIGH SEARCH ENGINE FOOTPRINTS, RANKINGS AND CONVERSIONS for over 200 of our clients over 7 years.


Here’s How We Do It

  1. We take the time to really understand your business and the services you offer
  2. We undertake an extensive audit that involves:
    1. Extracting metadata from your competitor sites to determine keywords, keyword density, and best practices
    2. Determine core keywords (silos) and all the long tail keywords associated with them (slugs)
    3. Set an appropriate tone applicable to audience and industry
  3. We design a Mind Map and prioritize keywords for ranking and content publishing frequency
  4. We develop and publish syndicated and curated content and monitor its impact on rankings and conversion
  5. We monitor, analyze, correct, and continue

Content creation, specifically writing blogs, silos and slugs are CRITICAL to ranking well on Google and establishing a strong case of proficiency and capability with your client.

Our online tools and research methodology empower us to write on your behalf and position your organization as a key opinion leader to your customer and ranking authority to search engines.

When it comes to ensuring content is regularly added to your site, you can:

  1. Do it yourself: after all, it's all there for you
  2. Hire us to set it up and teach you how to do it
  3. Hire someone else to do it, then hire us to fix it
  4. Hire us to do it for you and maximize your expertise

We’d like you to consider the possibility that your time is better spent working “on your business” instead of “in your business”. That includes content writing.


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