Online advertising doesn't work. Does it?

Do you look at ads? Most likely, you are like 80% of people and have “Banner Blindness”. In other words, you know ads are being delivered to you in your search results and on social media but subliminally choose to ignore them.

Facebook knows it, Google knows it and they have devised online advertising mechanisms (like remarketing), that follow you as you surf the web until the haze from your banner blindness clears.

Furthermore, how can we expect businesses in cities like CALGARY to invest MORE money in ONLINE ADVERTISING during an economic downturn?

Our Calgary-based digital marketing company employs several GOOGLE CERTIFIED, online advertising experts. By working with our SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION team, they have developed a method that delivers HIGH ROI through RELEVANCE, STRATEGIC BIDDING and Targeted on-page USER EXPERIENCE.


Here's What All Those Fancy Words Mean

  1. Planning is everything. We utilize scripts to extract your competitors' metadata so we know exactly what keywords are contributing to the success of ranking leaders in your businesses space.

  2. Our creative team will then write a really good, compelling ad copy that will entice your audience to click on the ad. We’ll make sure Facebook and Google (for example) understand that it's relevant by ensuring that the off-page copy is consistent with the on page metadata.

  3. Once somebody clicks on your site, we’ll design the destination page to have easily accessible calls to action (on desktop and mobile) and short, concise messaging that completes the thought triggered by the off page online advertising copy.

  4. Once an event is triggered, we’ll:
    • Direct them to an information page that will educate and pre-sell them on the subject matter (offering) they have indicated interest in.
    • Email them through a custom autoresponder with a “thank you” and “call right now if you need to” message. This is to:
      • Acknowledge receipt of their message
      • Provide urgent context information
      • Manage expectations for follow-up contact

That's it. That's the entire tactic. Here are the next steps:

  1. Try it yourself
  2. Let us set it up for you and train you on how to do it
  3. Hire us to do it and free up time for your to work on other facets of your business that you are an expert at

Regardless of your direction, online advertising executed properly, can INCREASE YOUR ROI BY 50%, 100%, even 200%, not counting referrals, repeat business and upselling.

Online advertising is technical complexity coupled with the application of common business sense. It's not scary, it works and your business will thrive if done correctly.


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