There are no SEO experts. Not even us. In fact, in the first blog we ever wrote in 2010, we clearly stated our opinion about it. What we can authentically tell you is that over 90% of our clients are now at the top of Google thanks to Samurai's Search Engine Optimization ("SEO") module and the specific tactics we use for both inbound and outbound search ranking placement. Here's a fantastic video by Maile Ohye, a developer programs tech lead at Google who we highly respect. It explains the concept of search engine optimization and strategy for your consideration. Below the video, we'll outline what we do and how we've leveraged some of Maile's techniques and many of our own to help businesses in Calgary, Kelowna, Vancouver, Toronto and in the United States achieve and maintain stellar search rankings. (If you're interested, see what our friend's Paul Anthony and Leanne Kezin have to say about their experiences with us)

Search engine optimization, and more specifically page 1 Google rankings, is not an exact science and is definitely a moving target. Here are some of the key performance indicators we currently pay attention to that we've found have impacted our client's search:

Metadata: They are descriptors (attributes) in your code that are commonly used by Search Engines to display snippets for a page it ranks. For example, when you Google "Calgary Market Research" you'll find a title and a descriptor for eStyle (our sister company). This is mostly determined by the metadata you enter on each page and partly by what Google "feels" is important. Although there is debate about how strong of a ranking signal metadata is (if at all) we've seen that through appropriate placement rankings can springboard and maintain rankings. It is important to utilize a good copy writer to create compelling copy for the purpose of conversion. If you rank on the first page with three other competitors, think about what will inspire your audience to click on your link and not theirs. It's the snippet.

Header and Title Tags: When the Googlebot visits your site, these tags act as a hierarchy that tells the crawler how to rank the importance of each header and its associated keyphrase. Consider designing a keyword hierarchy for each page on your site so that you can accurately identify subject matter in order of importance.

This is an iterative page and there is so much more we'd like to explain. These include Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Forced Crawls, SSL Certificates, W3C compliance, sitemap.xml, robot.txt, slug pages, blog pages, root menu design, video, embedded you tube videos, site speed, conversions, NAP, backlinking, link baiting, link strategies, SMPR and much, much more! Keep checking back on this page for great updates and planning tools. In the mean time, have a read of Hub Spot's Introduction to Search Engine Optimization Ebook. We make all our team members read this before they start working with us and if it were up to us, we'd encourage you to do the same.

If you're interested in working with us and think we can help you, please click the "call us" button above or send us an email below. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about the search engine optimization services we offer at our head offices in Calgary, Alberta!

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