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Any person or business offering a product or service must have a website. That is a fact. You can find someone online to build you a website for $500, $800 or $1000. That is also a fact. We are NOT that company. 

Here's the difference. You can hire a web designer to build you a site, or you can work with a marketing company to design you inbound web real estate (StyleLabs <----) From our perspective, a website is not just a digital business card or flyer. Your website is your "silent salesperson"

Consider this, every time there is an opportunity to establish a business relationship:

  1. The conversation starts with a business card, a Google search, a conversation, ad exposure, etc.
  2. The decision maker IMMEDIATELY searches for your company name, reads your reviews and evaluates your digital footprint.
  3. A (more involved) decision is made on the desktop where a buyer explores your site in detail and ascertains an appropriate fit.

Website Designers Build You Websites. Marketing Companies Design & Influence The Consumer Journey From Concept To Completion, Or More Specifically CONVERSION.

20 seconds is how much time you have, to encourage your site's visitor to continue scrolling below the fold (the area below your screen's height, not visible on initial landing) When we design a site, we establish a "Z" pattern that exposes audiences to multiple call to actions as well as a clear snapshot of the business' key services, client promise, contact information, etc. Furthermore, as a standard, we integrate desktop view elevator buttons (anchors) and mobile thumb jumps as a way to influence navigation to key areas.

Content is SO IMPORTANT. Especially considering Google's Hummingbird release (including other things like keyword density and latent semantic indexing), what you write and how you communicate your business' services and value has to be written with flair, engagement, good grammar and a reading level appropriate to your audience. To augment front end metadata, you have to ensure that your header tags are appropriately written (think importance hierarchy) as well as concise metadata; a key ingredient in motivating a user on Google (or another SERP) who has searched an applicable phrase or term to click on you rather than the other 9 ranked entities. Did you know images were searchable? With the appropriate metadata and alt tags, you can strategically associate important key words and phrases to each image for both keyword density and indexing.

Web design isn't just about the front page though, is it? In fact, everything from the alts to the headers to the meta has to be reorganized, miniaturized and reprioritized on each secondary page so that it can more effectively index on its own, mutually exclusive to the main index.

Remember, your website and your content need to be USEFUL and USEABLE. Here's what our friends at Google have to say about it.

Responsive design is key to ensuring consistent user experience across resolutions, platforms, and devices. Search and web is now dominated by mobile behaviour. But how do you deal with the endless scrolling? Remember we discussed customer journey above? What strategy can we apply to influence it? We could go on and on. And we will.

If you're looking for marketing experts to build you a high ranking, ROI-yielding web marketing tool, call us. If you're interested in your site generating revenue and distilling your sales process, we're your group.


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