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Sales Strategy

The most important function in your business, is sales.  One of the items our clients lean heavily on us for is developing sales systems, assets, training and customer journeys for their business.  Here’s an example of a recent case:

A national HR company asked us to develop a full sales program for them.  Our process was as follows:

First we conducted an internal audit with their sales team, executives and “friendly” clients to understand their business, their differentiators and their offerings.  

How We Do It

We learned about the assets they used, collected their promotional materials and sketched out their existing sales process and prospect decision making journey.  At this time we also grouped their customers into individual personas and categorized them using financial, personality, organizational and psychographic attributes. After validating our understanding of their business we conducted a gap analysis to benchmark their existing workflow against our proprietary sales program.  We developed a comprehensive deficiency list and roadmap for our production team.

While the production team upgraded their online and offline assets, our strategists optimized their pitch deck and scripts to reflect the newly proposed standards and worked with the management team to ensure that all the boxes were checked. Finally, we took this information back to our panel of “friendly clients” for a final gut check.  Our client’s team was then trained on the new workflow and after a week of roleplaying and testing, the new sales strategy was launched.

Our typical sales strategy campaigns generate a first-year ROI of 10:1 with exponential growth after the 6-month retrospective.   Every sales journey is different.  By bringing together over a hundred years of experience with the power of cutting edge technology and research-backed validation, your probability of success is amplified!  Reach out today for a consultation.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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