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Think of Web Development as Web Design Supercharged.  With Web Design, there is limited interactivity or utility and the purpose of a website is to optimize on Google search, deliver information and activate linear (in most cases) conversion.

With Web Development, a website gets much more depth and becomes a platform.  Businesses can leverage these platforms to offer tools, forums, e-learning, commerce, profile/segmentation, client/guest experiences and full software as a service solution in a multi-layer web experience.


Our team of experienced web developers have been building enterprise-level platforms for businesses of all sizes for over a decade. We understand that web development requires extensive planning, investment and iteration. Through our Samurai platform, we have developed a delivery system that empowers us to build large scale systems at twice the speed and a fraction of the cost.

We apply four principles or KPI’s into our implementation roadmap to ensure client success. These are:

  • Planning and Structure
  • Persona / User Stories
  • User Experience
  • Scalability

When selecting a partner for your web development project here is what you should consider:

The Last Website You Will Ever Build

If we do so much more than Website Design, why do we always build Websites First? Your website is your hub. It facilitates two-way traffic captures leads into funnels, automates the sales process, and delivers content through newsletters, e-learning, and manuals. Every SamurAI platform comes with powerful sales tools including a CRM, computer-assisted lead generation, online reputation management, trackable proposals with stripe integration, and 250 other powerful best-in-breed features that save you thousands of dollars monthly. Through our snippet technology, update and re-configure your website as often as you want. We're constantly adding new snippet styles and designs that you can leverage on-demand. Our latest software release (2022) ensures that you never need to build another website again.


Our team employs RIVA trained market researchers who specialize in user experience and consumer triggers. In collaboration with our data team, we take the time to understand your business, assess your competition and create a best-in-breed Website Hub. We take the time to understand how leaders in your industry communicate, advertise and present themselves online. We then talk to your current and prospective customers and benchmark your platform with their expectations. When we say it will work, it will work. Our goal is to maximize your probability of success by understanding how prospects convert and then carving a pathway aligned with their expectations. No guessing, no bias. Data driven decision making. All roads lead to success.


Does this developer or team have the skills to create my platform? Have they done it before?

Through our Connect library, StyleLabs has built platforms for a variety of clients across many industries. These include:

  • A sign ordering & logistics management platform for a Real Estate Signage Company.
  • A Software as a Service platform designed to manage, track and record inspection data for a major pressure vessel manufacturer in Alberta with over 13,000 assets.
  • An online social network & e-learning platform for fitness enthusiasts. Delivering daily workouts, newsfeeds and a custom friending system to facilitate communication between members and create community.
  • A Canada-wide research and flash polling community with over 100,000 members. Including a friend and audience building tool.
  • An HR system designed to grow a repository of over 30,000 applicants that dynamically created resumes/profiles through a dynamic wizard. Employers could leverage this service as a software as a service and be dynamically matched to ideal skilled trades candidates based on demographic and psychographic segmentation.

Understanding of User Experience, Conversion and Persona Development:

Understanding your audience, creating user stories and knowing how to convert that audience into clients, evangelists or into active community members is just as important as building the actual architecture.

StyleLabs employs a full-time research team that includes RIVA trained moderators specializing in persona development, user experience/interface experts and QA’s / testers. We don’t start developing platforms until a full due diligence and research campaign has been undertaken, wireframes created and validated with the core audience. This maximizes the probability of success while minimizing the margin of error.


We strive to be your full-service marketing partners and ensure complete customer satisfaction. Take a look at what some of our clients have to say about working with the Stylelabs team.


We get it. During these uncertain times, who do you trust? When every dollar counts, where is the best place to be spending? We are here to level the playing field, we are here to take your business to new heights, we are here to help you bring in leads that can convert, we are here to protect your business and treat it like it's our own. We've done it for over 400+ clients and we can do the same for you. Because we have weathered storms, and have helped all our clients do the same. We get you because we are you. So if you are curious, or looking for actual, proven digital strategies to market your business better, reach out. We promise, over a cup of coffee or virtual chat, you will walk out feeling like you finally have someone in your corner to help take your business forward.

Let's build something great, together.


How much do I have? How much will this realistically cost? What is the cost of maintenance?

In the initial consultation period, the Business Analyst and Web Team will work together to create a functionality specific budget with high level user stories and intended outcomes. Over our last 20 projects we have delivered on budget (+/- 15%). Our administration team tracks budget on a weekly basis and changes in scope are documented and scheduled to manage expectations and ensure transparency.

Will my partner be around to maintain, upgrade and enhance my platform?

This is StyleLabs’ tenth year in business with an average growth rate of 25-30% over the past year, our team has doubled in size. As part of your experience, once your platform is launched, our post-launch team will assume responsibility for all secondary engagements including hosting, maintenance, updates and upgrades. 100% of the clients we have built enterprise platforms for, continue to work with StyleLabs.

What can you expect when you partner with StyleLabs on your next Web Development project?

  1. Consultation: Discovery, Budgeting, Detailing and Functionality Definition, User Stories and Journey.
  2. Research, Feasibility and Persona Development.
  3. High Fidelity Wireframes and User Experience.
  4. Research, Validation and Testing.
  5. Development.
  6. QA + Beta Testing.
  7. Detailing.
  8. Delivery.
  9. Launch.

Website Development: Frequently Asked Questions

Every project has different timelines depending on scope, functionality and commitment levels / availability from clients. A typical project takes 100-300 hours of development and 50-100 hours of design, project management, research and strategy.

Once a project is quoted, the primary scope is firmed. Any additional requirements are presented in a secondary scope. Timelines are determined based on level of effort, milestones, business need and project velocity. Clients will have the option to extend their delivery date or complete the secondary scope in a subsequent phase.

A retainer of 25% is due upon approval. Each month, hours completed are reconciled on month end and due upon receipt. This ensures accounts are kept current and there isn't a significant liability on either side at the end of the project.



StyleLabs is a Digital Marketing company that specializes in Website Design, SEO and Digital Strategy. With a strong background in Market Research combined with our cutting edge technology, we've been able to rank over 90% of our clients on the 1st page of Google for over 10 keywords. We pride ourselves on leveraging our technology to solve business problems big or small, for both startups and established businesses. With locations in Calgary, AB and Vancouver, BC we are able to service clients throughout Canada and the United States.

We Get You, Because We Are You!

You don't hire a web designer to build a website. You don't even hire a marketer. What makes us different is that we are Entrepreneurs that specialize in marketing and technology. There's a certain amount of maturity and experience you need in order to build a functioning ecosystem. You need someone who's been there, who's failed, rebounded, and succeeded.  You need someone who understands where the blind spots are and how to mitigate them. Could StyleLabs be a good fit? Only one way to find out...

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